Birmingham Associates is a full service communications agency providing comprehensive counseling in public realtions, marketing, advertising, promotions, media & special events, sponsorship research and consulting in a variety of industries.

Our experience enables us to collaborate and deliver campaigns with the insight and the knowledge of the international market. We matinain a global approach and a network of correspondents in Europe.

Our staff of professionals has established relationships with journalists and the media. We have an excellent and successful recored in creating angles, story ideas, organizing press conferences, arranging interviews and assisting clients with the media. We have an incisive understanding of how the media works. our campaigns have sharp definition, are direct and effective.

Campaigns include product launching, developing brand awareness, stimulating sales, cross promotions and marketing. The agency has developed marketing and communications programs that increase brand awareness in their respective fields. The campaigns utilize a wide range of communication tools blended with imaginative & creative techniques. This positions the client in a positive image before the media and promotes high visibility.

Over the years Birmingham Associates has successfully maintained a range of clients from small non-profit groups to some of the world's most successful companies.

Our counseling is reasearch-based, pragmatic and strategic. our agency constitutes a professional staff with a strong commitment to integrity, values and performance.